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Pair Currency 24hr % 24hr Vol Price 24hr High 24hr Low
Pair Currency 24hr % 24hr Vol Price 24hr High 24hr Low
Pair Currency 24hr % 24hr Vol Price 24hr High 24hr Low
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Hikenex is a modern-day crypto-currency exchange which is built on cutting-edge futuristic technology. It is designed to revolutionize trading of the digital assets by resolving the problems faced by the crypto industry and its users. Hikenex is dedicatedly catering to the needs of crypto users by providing them with a state-of-the-art trading platform but still keeping it simple and trader-friendly similar to bitcoin prime plattform which is competing to prove its efficacy with many of the automated trading apps launched before and after to it. However, you are suggested to perform the app test, let it be any trading app, before purchase.

One of our top priorities is to empower every layman to carry out seamless token trading on our trading platform which is convenient and secure. We give prime importance to strengthening and deepening mutual trust and growth with our clients.

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    With Technology and Vigilance

    An exchange holds the data of thousands of crypto-currency traders with a value that can reach any high. With data and assets worth so much value, one of the main concerns for any exchange is its security. To ensure a security-locked smooth functioning of our exchange, we have not only deployed the best technology on our platform, but also employed a dedicated team to monitor our systems.

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    Because delays costs crypto-money

    Making the most of the technology available to us, we have minimized the lag time and downtime on the exchange. We constantly work towards developing our technology for faster processing, since we understand the fundamentality of speed in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. Your transactions will no longer have the anxiety that tags along with the transaction’s wait time on other portals

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    To ensure customer convenience

    To serve a larger audience, we have developed a platform that facilitates transactions and trades for multiple currencies. Our base markets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Hiken Coin. We welcome listing from not only the high demand cryptocurrencies of the market, but also the upcoming coins.