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Licensed Blockchain Pilot Zone launched in China’s Hainan Province.  09 Oct 2018
Xinhua, China’s official state-run press agency, announced that Hainan province became the first officially licensed blockchain pilot zone. A dedicated tech space and software park, the Hainan Resort Software Community (RSC), predicts to attract international talent to China. As per Xinhua’s reports, Wang Jing, the head of Hainan’s department of industry and information technology, “The pilot zone will commit to attracting blockchain talent around the world and exploring the application of blockchain in areas such as cross-border trade, inclusive finance and credit rating.”
Soundac coin will be listed on Hikenex tomorrow.  03 Oct 2018
The Hikenex exchange is going to list the Soundac coin tomorrow. Soundac is a decentralized platform for musicians to take ownership of their musics metadata, licensing and royalties. The platform is made for independent artists, labels, publishers, composers or even lyricists who want to see all their streams while receiving your royalties. Users can now trade, withdraw and deposit the Soundac coin on Hikenex.
A Major American Bank files patent for integrating multiple digital signatures on a distributed system.  25 Sep 2018
Published on September 18, a U.S Patent and Trademark Office filing, stated that the Bank Of America – the second largest bank in U.S has filed a patent for integrating multiple digital signatures on a distributed system. The patent document suggests that “the invention provides automated determination of which devices are communicating to which third-party entities and, in some embodiments, the type of data being communicated to such third-party entities.”
Private Beta Testing for Binance’s new crypto-fiat exchange  17 Sep 2018
Singapore is to witness the closed Beta Testing for Binance’s new crypto-fiat exchange. The CEO and co-founder of Binance Changpeng Zhao, revealed in a tweet on September 15 that the testing would be launched on September 18th. The tweet read, “I just slipped that we will begin #Binance Singapore fiat exchange live money closed beta testing on Sept 18th, in 3 days. Invitation only first. Exciting!”
China to use blockchain tech to track charitable donations  12 Sep 2018
On Monday, September 10, the ministry of civil affairs (MCA) of China, announced in its action plan, its intention to implement the blockchain technology in order to enhance its charity tracking system. The MCA’s fourth year plan, which will go through 2022, prioritizes blockchain to create system which will monitor all charitable donations.  The MCA further claims to, “explore the use of blockchain technology in charitable donations, charity tracking, transparent management” and more.
Blockchain enters the Automotive Industry.  12 Sep 2018
A London based automotive company – Auto Block, has brought the blockchain to the automotive industry. With an exchange, a market place, and its own coin – Autocoin, it has also created a car sales portal, wherein, sellers will be provided free listings, free advertising and low transaction costs. The company aims to change the decreasing trend of car purchases in the U.K.
Internet Courts in China to legalize Blockchain evidence.  07 Sep 2018
According to the new rules released by the court on Friday, the internet courts are required to recognize blockchain evidence as legally binding. The Supreme Court in an announcement said, "Internet courts shall recognize digital data that are submitted as evidence if relevant parties collected and stored these data via blockchain with digital signatures, reliable timestamps and hash value verification or via a digital deposition platform, and can prove the authenticity of such technology used."
South Korea decides to take blockchain to the next level.  04 Sep 2018
Previously South Korea had allocated about US$ 9 Million dedicated to blockchain pilot projects for 2018 and 2019. However Coin Desk recently reported that the KISA – the Korea Internet and Security Agency, has planned to increase the number of pilot projects from 6 to 12, thereby adding another US$ 9 million for 2019’s blockchain pilot projects. Min Kyung-sik, the head of KISA's blockchain team further said, “ In the next year, we are considering expanding blockchain pilot projects in the public sector to 12, and plan to support more than three private-led blockchain national projects."
Hong Kong opens its doors to Blockchain Job Seekers.  29 Aug 2018
A special immigration policy released by Hong Kong recently, covers eleven professions, the experts of which will now be eligible to receive bonus marks while applying for the city’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme. One of the areas also includes “Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Biometric Technologies and Industrial/ Chemical Engineering etc.” To qualify for the privilege of expedited immigration process, blockchain professionals must hold a reputed degree, experience in the relevant field and the required knowledge of applying blockchain in financial services.
S7 tracks fuel payments through a blockchain trial.  28 Aug 2018
In a release on Monday, S7, one of Russia’s largest airline operators revealed that it had tested a blockchain-based application to streamline the process of refueling planes. With the goal of speeding up the entire process the airline along with its fuel supplier Gazpromneft-Aero and Alfa-Bank, Russia’s largest private bank, started the trial on a domestic flight based out of the Tolmachevo International Airport. The trial comes post S7’s initiative of issuing passenger tickets via the Ethereum blockchain.
Insurance Product on Blockchain  23 Aug 2018
One out of five expectant mothers in Singapore is affected by gestational diabetes. Lumen Lab, an affiliate of MetLife’s Asia Bureau has created a blockchain powered insurance product called Vitana, dedicated to such women. According to a news release published on Monday, the product, connected to mobile devices, will be capable of making automatic payouts as soon as a customer receives a diagnosis. The entire process eliminates the need for customers to file claims.
US$ 800K grant for blockchain researchers at the University of California-San Diego.  21 Aug 2018
The super-computing center at San Diego hosts researchers who are developing a distributed ledger platform to help researchers to access and verify data collected through scientific experiments. A software architect and researcher with the Data enabled scientific computing division at the center – Subhashini Sivagnanam won US$ 818,433 from the NSF – National Science Foundation for the project, which is essentially, "a web-based cyberinfrastructure platform built using distributed ledger technologies that allows researchers to provide metadata and verification information about their scientific datasets and update this information as the datasets change and evolve over time in an auditable manner."
2018 could see Crypto Trading Revenue grow more than double  20 Aug 2018
On August 17, Bloomberg, in its report titled “Crypto-trading – the next big thing is here?” revealed the findings of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. ‘s research. The research suggests that revenues generated from cryptocurrency exchanges are likely to double in 2018 itself reaching the US$ 4 billion mark. According to the analyst, cryptocurrencies generated US$ 1.8 billion through transaction fees itself. Bloomberg also stated - “in terms of segments, only the global cash equities business surpassed crypto trading.”
Three exchange partners for Ripples XRapid Solution  17 Aug 2018
Ripple’s vision to build a healthy ecosystem for digital asset exchange brought about its partnership with three renowned exchanges – Bittrex, Philline and Mexican Bitso. These exchanges empowers Ripple’s cross border payment settlement product – Xrapid by enabling transfers between XRP and US Dollars, Philippine pesos and Mexican pesos as well.
Ripple to break into the Chinese Market.  16 Aug 2018
A ripple executive, on August 15th, told CNBC, that Ripple considers to break into the Chinese Market. Applying its DLT – Distributed, ledger technology the company is looking to accelerate international payments for its customers across the U.S, Europe and China. Despite its technological edge, the company would face competition from leading industry players like UniCredit, UBS and others.
Golden Gate Ventures to launch blockchain fund worth 10 million!  13 Aug 2018
Golden Gate Ventures, a Singapore-based company is to launch a US$ 10 million fund for investments in the revolutionary blockchain. The report was submitted by Reuters on the 10th of August. The capital venture is to invest in early-stage companies, in partnership with Kenrick Drijkoningen. With 5 to 10 investments already in the pipeline, Drijkoningen believes that now is a great time to start investing.
Coin Center claims certain cryptocurrencies should be treated as securities.  11 Aug 2018
An update in the 2016 version of the report, published by the Blockchain Advocacy group – Coin Center, claims that certain cryptocurrencies come across as securities by law. The statement argues that certain cryptocurrencies follow the Howey Test and act as investment contracts. Peter Van Valkenburg, the director of research at Coin Center, eliminated the more popular Bitcoin and Ethereum from his argument in the report. He wrote: “We find that larger, more decentralized cryptocurrencies – e.g. Bitcoin – pegged cryptocurrencies – i.e. sidechains – as well as distributed computing platforms – e.g. Ethereum – do not easily fit the definition of a security and also do not present the sort of consumer risk best addressed through securities regulation. We do find, however, that some smaller, questionably marketed or designed cryptocurrencies may indeed fit that definition.”
Blockchain to expedite reimbursement of expenses for Tencent.  10 Aug 2018
Tencent the Tech giant recently published a blog post, stating that the blockchain technology could speed up reimbursement process for employee expenses. It has launched a trial feature for the same on its WeChat app. As opposed to China, which currently employs a complex system that causes delay due to different payment receipts, the payment data gets directly transferred to the user’s employer, the restaurant and the local taxation authority via a blockchain platform. As per the company the blockchain technology will be a welcome incorporation in order to streamline and speed up the reimbursement process.
Licensing rule attracts ICOs in Thailand.  09 Aug 2018
In the attempt of governing ICOs, Thailand recently announced its rule to have licensing for initial coin offerings. According to a report from the Bangkok Post, the aforesaid rule has attracted more than twenty ICOs since the announcement. The rule, that took effect on July 2016, sets out to regulate ICOs, also states that projects offering crypto exchanges services must also gain approval from the SEC. As per reports from SEC, around 50 ICOs showed interest in obtaining licenses to be able to conduct their offering in the country with full compliance. The move has triggered a similar discussion in Philippines.
Blockchain powered voting trial in Ukraine.  08 Aug 2018
An election official from Ukraine recently announced in his Facebook post, to inform about the ongoing voting trial, in collaboration with NEM’s blockchain. The official – Oleksandr Stelmakh encouraged his friends on Facebook to participate in the test vote; praising the impossibility of making any changes to saved information on the blockchain. The creation of immutable record, because of blockchain helps ease issues when tallying the final counts. The trial revealed a basic cost of approximately US$ 1227, to place a node in each police station. This cost was considered ‘small’ given the technological prowess.
Cryptocurrency at par with other electronic means of payment?  28 Jul 2018
The Law Commission of India, surprisingly treated cryptocurrencies, in the same way as it did other traditional forms of electronic payment i.e. debit cards, credit cards, net banking, in its 276th report, titled, ‘Legal Framework: Gambling and Sports Betting including Cricket in India.’, published on 5th July 2018. The “conclusions and recommendations” section of the report by the Law Commission of India, stated: “Similar restrictions should also be prescribed for the purpose of the amount one would be allowed to stake while using electronic money facilities of the likes of credit cards, debit cards, net-banking, VCs, etc.” Despite lack of clarity on any further news about Cryptocurrency regulations by the RBI, many consider this as an indication towards a positive treatment of Cryptocurrency by the Government of India.
BTC wallet under audit.  28 Jul 2018
BTC wallet is under audit process due to which BTC withdrawals will resume by 31st July.
Aukcecoin to be listed on Hikenex  17 Jul 2018
Hikenex is to list Aukcecoin on its exchange. Users can deposit, withdraw and trade using the Aukcecoin on the Hikenex exchange.
Hikenex listed on Livecoinwatch.  12 Jul 2018
Post its listing on Coincodex in May, in less than a week, Livecoinwatch listed Hikenex on its portal. With real time updates on its portal, Hikenex users will now get a chance to keep track of their cryptocurrency rates. With an overview of more than 300 coins, LivceCoinWatch is growing to be one of the more favorable cryptocurrency portals.
Hikenex listed on Cryptocompare.  12 Jul 2018
Within three months of its launch, Hikenex received tremendous traffic, support as well as appreciation, and was listed on Coincodex amidst other top exchanges. The success of Hikenex exchange continues to soar as only two months later, the exchange has found a place on Cryptocompare - a crypto-world in itself, with one of the largest user base in market. Another three months are sure to mark more milestones for the exchange.
Hikenex listed on CoinCodex.  12 Jul 2018
The Hikenex Exchange, launched earlier this year in February 2018 has already found a place amid the top exchanges on the Coin Codex Market. Within just three months of its launch, the Hikenex Platform has been listed on one of the most reliable cryptocurrency markets. It emerges as a strong exchange with more such listings on hold.
TCC update  06 Jul 2018
Tcc coin wallet will remain deactivated till 8th July 2018 17:30 (GMT+8) HKT for auditing purpose.
TCC withdrawal update  28 Jun 2018
TCC withdrawal will be enabled on hikenex exchange on 28th June 2018. Withdrawals will commence at 18:45 (GMT +8) HKT. User can withdraw their TCC coin after 18:45 (GMT +8) HKT.
Beware of inauthentic news about Hikenex Exchange.   28 Jun 2018
It has come to our notice that some users are posting baseless complaints about Hikenex on digital media, without mailing it to us. Users are advised to beware of such inauthentic rumors and are requested mail us their grievances on [email protected] Every grievance will be looked into. Users must only trust the authenticity of updates and news provided by Hikenex.
BTC withdraw will resume on June 25, 2018.
Good news for TCC, Withdraw feature for TCC is scheduled on June 27, 2018.
Hikenex reduces its trading fee to 0.1%  08 Jun 2018
Hikenex brings more savings to all the users on its exchange. Previously, all transactions were charged with a 0.2% fee. Ensuring more convenience and a higher profit margin for all users, the management team decided to reduce fees on every trade that a user makes through Hikenex. The new decision to enforce only 0.1% trading fee for users, is in line with Hikenex vision to be accessible to masses.
TCC Coin listed on Hikenex.  08 Jun 2018
The TCC Coin has been listed on Hikenex on 7th June 2018. Deposit and Withdrawal for the same will resume soon. The TCC Coin has been developed to disrupt the current structure of advertising and marketing industry and to replace the same with an integrity driven authentic system. TCC introduces Blockchain as a solution to the problem of seemingly profitable signs of visibility in advertising that are ultimately just empty numbers in disguise. To ensure optimum utilization of heavy revenues spent in advertising, every day, the TCC platform has developed a solution, thus ensuring a huge loyal community support across countries. It is recommended that interested readers, study the TCC Whitepaper for in-depth information.
Task force for Cryptocurrencies.  28 May 2018
The New York State Legislature voted in favor to progress a bill that proposed creation of a task force for digital currencies in New York. The bill proposes a committee of nine members who would analyze the effects of digital currencies in the cryptocurrency market. The committee would also investigate into the effects of regulations over cryptocurrencies, the energy consumption required for mining, number of exchanges, large investors, a review of laws and regulations employed by other countries and more crucial information. A report regarding the same, would then be submitted to the governor in December 2019.
Exchanges suspend ERC-20 token  10 May 2018
Some of the top Crypto exchanges have suspended all ERC-20 token deposits and withdrawals, and initiated inspections of the deposits and transfers offline. This was done following OKEX�s decision of stalling ERC-20 deposits�earlier in the week. This was done because of the discovery of a new potential bug in the smart contracts called the batchoverflow. A blog that was published on April 23rd states the vulnerability of the ERC-20 Smart contracts because of the bug came to be known as the batchoverflow. The blog presents a detailed report sharing how a previously unknown vulnerability in the contract. This bug could potentially give access to attackers to acquire huge amounts of tokens by taking advantage of the stated vulnerable contract. This can also further lead to the manipulation of prices and funds. As discovered that there are no pre-defined security response for such kind of bugs and attacks and the blockchain in concern has shown signs of a vulnerable mechanism. The major problems that surfaced after this report was that one of the most secure system per say has a loophole which can be exploited to falsify data and even burgle and launder funds. Another major problem is that non-centralized exchanges that use offline trading services, cannot even stop attackers from laundering their tokens. The official response to this news from exchanges and currencies is yet to be published.
Refer and Earn Hiken Coin   19 Apr 2018
Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can now earn Hiken Coin with its referral scheme. Beneficiaries will earn 0.1 Hiken Coin on every registration through their referral. They will also have a 10% share in the trading. This Hiken Coin can be used not only for trading but also for secure transactions with in the Hikenex Exchange.
Hikenex lists My Astro Coin  19 Apr 2018
My Astro coin is now available for trading on the Hikenex exchange. It is created with the vision to revolutionize the gaming world with secure in-game payment transactions using the My Astro coin. To know more about the My Astro Coins features and incentives, visit their website Warning: Cryptocurrency investments are subject to market risks. Make all your investments cautiously.
Hikenex announces the Hiken Coin  19 Apr 2018
Hikenex Exchange has announced the launch of the Hiken Token. The Hiken Coin now available for trading, has been developed with the intention of facilitating smoother transactions within the exchange. The coin can be used for trading as well as to carry out fast and secure transactions with in the Hikenex Exchange.
Hikenex lists ONET Coin  19 Apr 2018
The ONET Coin is now available for trading on the Hikenex exchange. This Coin uses the proof of work as well as the proof of stake technology in its blockchain, making it a hybrid coin. You can find out more about the ONET Coin, its features and specifics on the official ONET Coin website - Warning: Cryptocurrency investments are subject to market risks. Make all your investments cautiously.